Paper Divipac S.r.l. is aware of the importance of safeguarding and protecting the environment, so it undertakes to provide adequate resources for the continual improvement of its environmental performances.

In this respect, Paper Divipac S.r.l. intends to:

Operate complying with any applicable laws

regulations and legislation concerning the manufacturing processes of its paper products, ensuring the minimum quality standards for the intended use of these products.

Where these requirements are inadequate, the company will apply the internal management standards which reflect the spirit of continuous improvement.

Protect workers’ health

ensuring that the manufacture of the paper products does not compromise the health of workers, consumers and the general population and does not alter the balance of the ecosystems on which they depend. Particular attention will be paid to hygiene and to containment of the levels of dust in the workplace, by means of available abatement technologies and periodic monitoring.

Reduce the environmental impact

Reduce or prevent the environmental impact during the manufacturing process, using paper as well as plastic packaging and adhesive substances which are not dangerous from both a physical and a chemical point of view, and following a proper industrial handling system. However, the logic of reuse, material recycling and correct waste disposal will be prioritised.

Adopt criteria for the proper use of natural and energy resources in order to obtain recycled products of ever higher quality to satisfy specific needs, minimizing the use of virgin cellulose fibres.

Establish and maintain adequate controls, including periodic reviews, in order to ensure that the principles included in this policy are followed.


Training and awareness

Provide awareness-raising and training programmes for the personnel so that each employee understands his environmental responsibilities, always properly separating production waste and handling material in compliance with hygiene and safety rules in the workplace.


Encourage suppliers and contractors to adopt an environmental management system or at least improve the environmental performance.
Communicate outside the company, the company’s policy and strategies, disseminating them to the public authorities, to the customers and to the general population, using also its website.

Paper Divipac S.r.l. commits itself to continuous improvement of its environmental performance, setting goals, monitoring progress and publishing results.


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