The Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction

As a medium-sized business, operating in a high-competitive market, characterised by the presence of big companies and household brands, Paper Divipac makes complete customer satisfaction its primary goal. On this depends first of all the company’s survival and then the company image, its position in the market and the overall success of the organisation.

Sharing common goals

For this reason, since being set-up, Paper Divipac has always worked to put the full and complete satisfaction of customers’ needs and expectations before any other aspect. For an effective policy of protection of customer expectations, it is necessary not only that all employees, at all levels, share this goal, but also that each one of them works in harmony with the others, having the resources to work to their full ability. Moreover, it is also important that employees can have the maximum satisfaction and motivation from the recognition of obtained results according to set goals. In this regard, Paper Divipac Management believes that to increase customer satisfaction it is also necessary to constantly monitor the level of satisfaction of the employees. Indeed, they are considered as “internal customers”.

The Quality Management System

The company, therefore, considered it necessary to introduce and formally apply its own Quality Management System (QMS), as strategic decision and to ensure the integrity of its way of working. Its QMS is in compliance with rule UNI EN ISO 9001 edition 2000, recognised at the international level, resulting from the evolution of the previous Quality System which was in compliance with rule UNI EN ISO 9002 edition 1994. This system is based on the process determined by the reference rule. It was implemented because of the conviction that compliance with these standards allows the pursuit of continuous improvement, on the basis of innovative organisation models, thus providing  increasingly efficient services, as well as providing objective evidence of the quality levels already achieved by the manufacturing processes.
The Paper Divipac QSM applies to all products supplied, belonging to the product group of disposable items made ​​of paper intended for home and industrial use (tissue). Among these products are included, but not limited to, paper rolls, sheet towels, single paper rolls, jumbo toilet paper, medical sheets, spiral rolls, hand towel paper rolls, etc.

For details of the 6 PRINCIPLES OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT, which represent the general goals of the company, please click on the items below:


Each employee in Paper Divipac is aware that the company to which he belongs, owes its survival and, therefore, its success in the market to its customers. This requires an understanding of their present and future needs, to satisfy their requirements and exceed their expectations. Those who are responsible for company functions or activity, who are more successful in understanding customers’ expectations, should pass on their knowledge to the other company members, starting with their co-workers. It is the task of Management and those with responsibility for Quality Assurance to implement and maintain a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of rule UNI EN ISO 9001, ed. 2000. It should be a primary reference for the Customer as guarantee of the quality of the services and the relating processes. Moreover, it allows verification of the effectiveness of the pursuit of this principle by measuring customer satisfaction, taking appropriate action depending on the results reported.


It is the duty of Paper Divipac Management and the department heads to establish agreed goals and direction for the company. Their task is to implement and maintain an internal environment able to fully involve the personnel in order to pursue the company goals. In this way, all personnel will understand and be motivated to attain the company’s goals and targets. The activities will be assessed, made coherent and implemented in an integrated way and problems of communication between the different company levels will be reduced.


In so far as it is fundamental for the Management to provide the necessary resources for the functioning of the Quality Management System, it is also essential to protect the most important of these resources, that is the staff. Human resources at all levels represent the core of a company and their full involvement enables their skills to be at the service of Paper Divipac. The company staff have to be motivated and involved at all levels, have to be held responsible for the attainment of the goals fixed by the management and must contribute to constant improvement. It is the task of the Management to try to understand the expectations and aspirations of each employee and to intervene to resolve disputes or to remove any causes of demotivation, promoting communication, exchange of opinions and sharing of knowledge and experience.


Each target fixed by Paper Divipac Management can be more efficiently and effectively attained when the relating resources and activities are managed as a process. The Quality Management System is based on structured methods in the definition of the activities necessary to attain the expected results. For this purpose, the process was split into elementary activities, the responsibilities for each activity were clearly defined, the criteria to analyse and measure the results obtained by the implementation of each activity were objectively defined, the activity interfaces between and in the functions of the company were identified, and the risks associated with each activity were assessed, both in terms of impact on customer satisfaction and risk to the safety of the workers. After having done all this, the elementary activities were aggregated in a single coherent and indivisible process.


Paper Divipac Management made constant improvement a permanent goal. In this regard, on the basis of pre-determined targets defined by the Management during the review of the Quality System, taking opportune preventive and corrective actions, a service quality measurement system was implemented. It is primarily based on quality indicators, periodically measured, on internal non-conformities and on customer complaints, as a reference to make decisions aimed at improving the provided service and the organisation. The company personnel are trained in the methods and instruments necessary to pursue constant improvement.


The Paper Divipac organisation is an “open integrated system” that interacts every day with other external organisations, among which a strategic role is reserved to the suppliers, as “co-manufacturers” of the quality provided to the customer. This approach aims at generating benefits for all the involved participants, aiming at providing flexibility and readiness in giving joint answers to changing market conditions and customers’ expectations and allowing optimization of the costs and the resources used in the process. In order to pursue this principle, Paper Divipac Management aims at establishing medium and long term relationships with its qualified suppliers, at sharing experience and resources, and at jointly carrying out process control and analysis of data for continual improvement. It is the task of Paper Divipac Management to review periodically the quality policy and to monitor the achievement of the six general principles in order to assess whether they are suitable and up-to-date, modifying them if necessary. To achieve the described objectives, Paper Divipac uses all its resources and, if necessary, also uses external resources in order to acquire specialised support expertise. Paper Divipac personnel share the company’s objectives and commit themselves to the achievement of these goals.


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