Environmental policy

Paperdì, aware of the importance of safeguarding and protecting the environment, is committed to making adequate resources available for the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.
In this perspective, Paperdì aims to:

Operate in compliance with all laws

The regulations and standards for the processing processes of the paper products of its manufacture, ensuring the minimum quality standards in relation to the use to which they must be intended.

If these requirements are lacking, it will apply internal management standards that reflect the spirit of continuous improvement.

Health Protection

Ensure that the manufacture of paper products takes place in ways that do not compromise the health of workers, consumers and the population and do not alter the balance of the ecosystems they affect. Particular attention will be paid to hygiene and to the containment of the degree of dustiness in the work environment, using the available abatement technologies and periodic monitoring.

Reduction of the environmental impact

Reduce or prevent the environmental impact during the production process, using in addition to paper, plastic packaging and adhesive substances with non-hazardous characteristics for both physical and chemical aspects, making use of proper industrial handling. In any case, the logic of reuse, recycling of materials and proper waste disposal will be privileged.
Adopt criteria for the correct use of natural and energy resources; we will try to obtain recycled products of ever higher quality, to meet specific needs, using virgin cellulose paper at a minimum.
Establish and maintain adequate controls, including periodic reviews, to ensure that the principles contained in this policy are followed.

Training and awareness

Conducting training and awareness programs for all staff, so that each employee understands their environmental responsibilities, always applying the correct separation between processing waste and handling materials in compliance with the rules of hygiene and safety of the workplace.


Encourage suppliers and contractors to adopt an environmental management system or at least to improve environmental performance.
Communicate company policy and strategies externally by disclosing them to public authorities, customers and the general public also using their website.

Paperdì is committed to the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, setting objectives, verifying progress and publishing the results.

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