The production process is fully carried out at the Caserta plant of about 30,000 square meters, through the use of production and packaging lines structured according to a modern automation logic that allows you to reconcile productivity and flexibility.The standardization of production processes, in fact, does not prevent Paperdì from having a wide and diversified range of products, able to meet the multiple needs of an extremely differentiated clientele, thanks also to a functional and, at the same time, aesthetically appealing packaging.

With the granting provision of 13/12/2019, Paperdi was awarded the financial contributions under the “Innovative Machinery” Facilitating Intervention referred to in the Ministerial Decree 09/03/2018.The subsidized investment concerned the purchase of a line for the production of toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls and was completed in June 2020; the purposes that Paperdi has pursued with the aforementioned investment are the expansion of the range, the increase in production capacity and growth in employment.

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